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Online Coaching

Integrating Rehabilitation & Body Transformation Training Systems

Welcome to Remedial Therapy & Fitness (RTF). We are an online coaching service providing specialised programmes and training systems which bridge the gap between back pain and/or injury rehabilitation, and safely achieving your health and fitness related goals.

Services we provide

Online Coaching

Bespoke programmes delivered to you with remote coaching through our easy to use online training platform.

Mobile Soft Tissue Therapy

Great for the more acute back problems. Also, the perfect partner for physical training, helping to alleviate stiffness, improve mobility and assist recovery.

Mobile 1-2-1 Personal Training

A bespoke training programme just for you which is then delivered and overseen in your home by an expert.

How will online coaching benefit me?

At RTF, we have extensive experience working with male and female clients aged between thirty to sixty years old, who at some stage in their life have sustained a back problem or other pain related issues and have sought our help – not just to get back to pain-free exercise, but to also work towards being in the best shape of their lives.

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Helping all levels

Our online programme is delivered via a comprehensive application which includes the following features:

Mobile App
  • It’s simple to use
  • You can quickly and easily upload the weight, sets, and reps lifted on each workout
  • There are detailed coaching videos available for each exercise
  • It’s easy to monitor your progress and share with your coach by uploading body weight, circumference measurements and before and after photos straight onto the app
  • You can link it to your favorite apps like My Fitness Pal and Fit Bit
  • You can communicate directly with your trainer

The application is a fantastic way to stay self-motivated and accountable — all of your training and nutrition information are stored in one place and can be viewed at your convenience on your mobile device.

Throughout your programme, we’ll be managing updates, monitoring your progress and supporting you throughout your training.

Coaching Videos

Our detailed exercise videos show you how to perform each exercise correctly and safely. All you need to do is follow the instructions. Our programme options provide various levels of support based on your needs.

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Our Testimonials

I have been training with Ben for some time now, and he has helped me with some things both physically and mentally. I'm a 29 years old IT Consultant, and as you can imagine, I spend the majority of my time sitting at a desk in front of a computer working. Before…

Chris Bardas
IT Consultant

I am 50 and, despite enjoying running, I have always struggled to get the benefit from using a gym before. However, I have trained biweekly with Ben for the last 12 months, and he has focused on building up my core stability and muscle strength. I feel stronger and fitter than ever…

E Woods

I trained with Ben back in 2007 through to 2010, but due to him moving location we stopped training. He's now moved back into my area, and we've recently started training together again. Ben is currently helping me gain strength and increase mobility to enhance performance for a cycling sportive (cycling road race).…

Andy Seel
Chief Executive Officer, Qube Media

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FREE 30-minute LIVE online movement assessment
  • Why you might be feeling in pain
  • Why you may be restricted in certain movements
  • What movements to stay away from
  • What movements to perform to be pain-free
Find out
  • Why you might be feeling in pain
  • Why you may be restricted in certain movements
  • What movements to stay away from
  • What movements to perform to be pain-free
Find out